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What is Roti Maker ?

Roti Maker is an electronic machine used for making chapattis. Roti maker machine makes rolling chapattis easier than ever before. It allows you to make thin and perfectly circular chapattis with minimum effort. Roti-maker has made roti making so simple. Anybody can simply use this amazing roti making technology.

What is Roti Maker Made of ?

The product is made up of stainless steel and it also have a red neon indication light which makes roti-making simpler for you.

What are the features of Roti Maker ?

  • Handle to Press the Plates Together
  • Mains Cord
  • Dimensions: 315 x 225 x 245 mm
  • Grid Non Stick Surface

How to Use ?

Roti making is very easy to use. Follow the following simple steps and you will be done with it.

  • Take dough and Place it at the upper edge of the lower base of the roti maker.
  • Now close the lid and press the dough.
  • Allows that to cook for 20 seconds and turn it to other side.
  • No open it.
  • You will see fluffy roti ready to eat now.

Is it economiacal to Makes Roti electronically with Roti Maker ?

Yes, it is very economical to make rotis with electronic roti maker. It saves gas and will let you experience the simplicity of making food with it. One hour of electric roti maker consumes just a little over 1 unit of electricity. It frees up the gas stove for cooking other stuff.

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